Geocaching in Cali

What in the world is Geocaching? Its basically a treasure hunt using GPS coordinates and clues given by the owner and other cachers to find the geocache. It makes every walk in the park an adventure because you never really know what your going to find. We have found big geocaches, small geocaches, trackables, sweepstakes, and more. There is so much excitement to be had in the hunt and joy in the find.

My husband and I have been geocaching for years and have found caches all over the country (you can find them all over the world!). We love reading through the logs in the caches to see how many people have found it and where they are from. Our son loves to find a cache with small trinkets in it and we often bring something with us to swap out.

We use the this Geocache App and you can visit for more information on getting started.

On this particular treasure hunt we were out at a park close to our hotel in Cali. It was about a 2 mile loop around the park with some killer stairs that led to an amazing view. It took us a while to actually find the cache but it was a fun hunt!

And yep, that’s me with my dog in a backpack. To explain why, you’ll need to know that Teddy is 14 and has arthritis in his hips and knees so when we head out on a hike he goes with in style (for him, not us … clearly dog wearing is not stylish).

Short hike in the park and fun geocache find!